Tomatoes, Pickled Egg, & Parmesan

Today was good eats, my friends. As far as I’m concerned nothing much beats good food with your family. On this lovely afternoon, I enjoyed the Seared Romaine salad from Haymaker (Cherrywood neighborhood, east side Austin, TX).


#159 Lettuce kiss the flame

So, I am going to be honest… I did not have high hopes for this salad. The description sounded weird, but when I quizzed the waitress about what exactly “seared romaine” looked like. She assured me the salad was really good, and the other choices were pretty basic.

When the plate got to me, I was still skeptical! The plating leaves something to be desired and I hate a plastic dressing cup, but damn this was awesome! When the waitress came around again I had more questions about how they prepared the greens. Turns out its on a grill, so I know exactly what I’ll be doing next time my ‘cue is fired up.