Peppers, Black Beans, & Avocado


Since graduate school I have had this salad on my shortlist because it just seems to get better the longer it is in fridge. Its great for making a single bowl with leftovers or a huge batch that could last you a week if you are lucky. Throw in pretty much any herb or greens you may have around and sub your favorite tangy vinegar if you are out of limes. Did I mention cheap?

#1: Better with age

1″ sliver each red & yellow bell peppers
1/2″ sliver Anaheim pepper
1/4″ sliver jalapeño
1/4″ sliver Serrano chili (spicy!)
1 cup black beans (homemade!)
1 skinny green onion
3 super leafy stems of cliantro
1/4 cup or so watercress
1/4 of an avocado
spicy lime dressing
salt to taste


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