Orange, Avocado, & Shallot


Every holiday this is on the buffet at my family’s buffet—I’m not sure why, but I hardly eat it anytime else! I had a few lingering Clementine’s and couldn’t think of a better way to use them. What’s your favorite wintery, citrus salad?

#6: Citrus season favorite

a fistful of baby spinach
dash of Briannas Real French Vinaigrette
1/2 of a small avocado
1 small shallot
a few segments of orange (Clementine shown here!)
3–5 walnut halves

  • Toss spinach in dressing and top with roughly chopped avocado, orange, and walnuts. Thinly slice shallot. Separate rings and add to salad.


  1. Helen / Thank you, this was a big hit at my friends BBQ! It taetsd like a lot of effort had gone into making it which of course it hadn’t. Thank you xxx