Chickpeas, Tri-colored Quinoa & Tabouleh


#65: Layers of Leftovers

This is the final iteration of the Phoenicia Deli tabouleh and it was probably my favorite! Another combo that takes minutes by having the right stuff ready to go. Meal planning, its all about meal planning and then sticking to the plan. How do you feel about meal planning? Is it something that is hard? Do you like it? Hate it? Essential? I am finding it has been such a crucial part of making me and my family have a successful food week!


a fistful of arugula
long drizzle of Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing
1/2 cup or so garbanzo beans
1/2 cup or so quinoa (tri-colored shown here)
1/4 cup tabouleh

  • Toss greens in dressing and stack the rest on top. Boom!


  1. I came across this repcie by way of Pinterest- made it today for lunch and *love* it! I used black beluga lentils and my avocado wasn’t ripe, so I substituted some chopped organic baby spinach and it was fabulous. Will be mixing up another batch for the family (my children will approve) once my avocado ripens. Thanks for a great new repcie!