Mixed Grain, Penne Pasta, & Quinoa Salads


#47: Supreme lack of control at the bar

Central Market (North Lamar) | Austin, TX

For the purposes of The Salad Diary, a salad is greens with at least 3 things on top of it (or mixed with it), but when I am out of my kitchen and hitting the [salad] bar, I go hard. As Julia Childs said: “Everything in moderation. Even moderation.”

Central Market salad bar (clockwise from top): Bed of spring mix; tomato; orange & green cauliflower; chickpeas; green peas; a dolma; quinoa; corn & pepper salad; barley, herbs, & raisin (I think) salad; feta, cucumber & penne pasta salad; some sort of grain, wild rice, and cranberry salad (looked good!); 2 cubes turkey, 1 cube ham