Cauliflower, Beet, & Bulgar Wheat

If you’ve been around here for even a few days, you’ll know that I really like to ribbon my stiffer veggies with a vegetable peeler instead of cutting them up with a knife. Something about the texture just really gets to me!

When I was meal prepping for this trip, it occurred to me that this vegetable peeler method of dealing with my combo toppings is perfect for #roadsalad—no cutting required!


If I could go back in time and do this one again, I definitely would have added more ribbons of different vegetables and used a fresher, brighter dressing—like maybe even just a lemon!

Lemons, well any citrus fruits really, should be on any good camping food prep list because they are highly portable and pack a big punch that can quickly brighten up so many kinds of meals.

#92 What?! No greens??

Bulgar wheat
raw golden beet
cashew tamari dressing