Bacon, Bleu Cheese, & Apple


I simply can’t get enough of smokey bacon, crispy apples, and tangy bleu cheese over a bed of lettuce. This classic sweet/savory treat takes minutes to make and might even convert even the pickiest of green eaters. How do you get picky eaters to enjoy their salads?

#7: A meaty, cheesy treat

a fistful of baby spinach
dash of Briannas Real French Vinaigarette
1/3 of a small apple (organic pink lady shown here!)
2 slices of crispy bacon
heaping tablespoon bleu cheese crumbles

  • Toss spinach in dressing and top with chopped apple and bleu cheese. Crumble bacon on top!


  1. Have you ever watched the movie Super Size Me ? If you haven’t you souhld, as it’s quite good, and pretty fair. There’s an extra, though, where the filmmaker, Spurlock, took various McDonald’s food items and put them in individual jars and filmed them five weeks later to show how they looked.Well, the Big Macs, the Filet o’Fishes and all the other sandwiches were as mouldy as you would expect them to be. On the other hand, the fries looked as good as they looked the day they were bought.Hmm