Avocado, Red Peppers & Onion

First day of camp salad at Big Bend National Park! A very great way to start off this trip. If anything, I don’t think I ate enough! Could have used a good, rancher style fried egg since later that day we are in for some brutal hiking up towards Emory Peak.


Bringing a big bag of already sliced & diced goodies is a great way to make the camp cook outs easy. We woke up with the sunrise and had coffees, but were able to get moving out quickly since we had the veggies ready to go.

I also love things that come in their own biodegradable, protective packaging—like an avocado! or citrus fruit—when I am out on the road trying to eat well and make as little trash as possible.

#91 Sauteed, All Veg Hiking Fuel

red bell pepper
coconut oil