Avocado, Pickled Beets & Red Onion


#78: Its hard to let you go

As sad as I am to say it, my stash of roasted beets is almost gone! I’m not sure how everyone out there feels about beets, but I love them and could (obviously) eat them almost every day. The beets and onions shown in #78 are quick pickled—while they definitely taste good, I’m disappointed with the way they look! And if we are already talking about things I hate about this picture, how sad is it that my last minute sprinkle of Crazy Mixed-up Salt on my perfectly bisected avocado made her look all brown and old. This is definitely not a blog about food photography, but when you really like how something tastes and it looks like doo-doo in the picture, its sad! Try this though—don’t judge the food by the picture, haha!