Rice, Olives, & Avocado


In my opinion, leftovers make the best salad toppings and something I always seem to have just a liiiitle bit leftover of is rice. I have found that I can end up really full and really happy by combining pretty much anything with it and piling it on any greens. How do you use up remaining rice?

#3: Ricey remains = Salad gains

a fistful of baby red & green romaine
1/2 cup rice (Armenian rice pilaf leftovers pictured here)
1/4 chopped avocado
5-10 roughly chopped kalamata olives
dash of Briannas Real French Vinaigarette


  1. Not just olives, but it has aoicnvhes too. I love all things stinky so this was awesome but a bit on the salty side so you can maybe go easy on the olives. Or add some more noodles. Either way, I couldn’t get enough of it.