Almonds, Strawberries & Mozzerella

We emerged from the desert today and landed our trusty steed in Marfa, TX. We were lucky enough to get a scout tent at El Cosmico and enjoyed a much needed shower.

Feeling like completely different people, we decided to treat ourselves a little by sitting on the patio of Jett’s Grill at the Paisano hotel.


Now, I know what you may be thinking—or maybe not? Because it took me until I was stuffing my face to realize it—Anwyays! I had a good laugh at myself taking this picture and thinking “Who orders fish in the desert? This girl.”

I felt so guilty! But at least it was super delicious and I really enjoyed a nice, civilized night with my husband.

#93 Fish in the Desert

mixed greens
mozzarella cheese
some kind of sweet vinaigrette
a big steak of mahi mahi