Pinto, Red & Green Beans

Hello salad friends! This is here is the first road salad of the great trip out west. I enjoyed it while pumping gas and peeing in Ft. Stockton, Texas—the last stop on I10 before you start heading south towards Big Bend National Park.


I am super excited about taking this project on the road—its adds a fun extra challenge to only have a cooler and minimal space, but still make a new salad everyday. When you put rubber to the road, what’s your favorite roadside meal?

#90 Sometimes you eat salad at a gas station

3-5 large curly kale leaves; ribs trimmed out, then julienned
1/4 cup pinto beans
1/4 cup red beans
1/2 green beans; trimmed and cut into bite-sized pieces, then blanched
1/4 (or a big forkful) of house made pickled red onions
1 T Cashew Tamari dressing from Wheatsville Co-op

  • Collect all the ingredients out of the fridge and/or pantry when you are ready to eat or the night before, then layer in a medium bowl. Toss before serving if desired! When taking this one on the road, try adding the dressing to the bottom of the container, then layering with beans, and finally adding the lettuce on top—shake it up when you are ready to nosh.